Meet the little drOp

To stay healthy, pets – as well as us humans - need Omega-3 in their diet. Just a little drop, every day.

But with close to 1 billion pets and 8 billion people on the planet, we need an ocean of drops. And that means an ocean of fish, since most Omega-3 comes from wild fish.

This is not sustainable...


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Meet the little drop

Omega-3 fatty acids are scientifically proven to be essential. Humans and animals need them to stay healthy. They're also essential because we cannot make Omega-3 ourselves. Instead, it has to be part of the diet.  A tiny drop every day, that is all it takes.

So, in order to stay healthy, we all need Omega-3. Humans and animals alike. For animals, the most common source of EPA & DHA Omega-3 is fish oil and fish meal. In 2016, a total of 16 million metric tonnes of wild-caught fish were netted to produce fish oil and fish meal, until recently the only sources of EPA & DHA Omega-3. This represents almost 20% of the total global fish catch. 
That doesn’t sound like a very sustainable way for us to stay healthy.

And it isn’t. Literally. In fact, it can be detrimental to our ocean.
With the health benefits of Omega-3 now widely known, the number of applications are growing. Key categories using fish oil are expected to double or triple by 2050. And so will the demand for Omega-3. 
So, where is all this Omega-3 going to come from? 
Current supply is at maximum levels and gradually declining. In 2020, the total volume of fish oil is nearly half of what it was in 1986. Overfishing and the negative effect of global warming on fish stocks could lead to a further downward spiral in the supply of Omega 3.

This is why we would like to introduce to you the little drop. The drop that can make an ocean of difference. By providing a sustainable way to keep our pets healthy.




The little drOp that helps the Ocean

Global demand for Omega-3 is rising, leading to instability of supply and increased pressure on marine life.

Knowing that fish can only get their Omega-3 from algae, we decided that algae could provide the answer.

Our Omega-3 is ocean friendly, because it is made from algae, instead of fish.

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The little drop that helps the ocean

Why use fish if we can use algae? And contribute to the preservation of marine life & bio-diversity.

We believe this is an easy choice to make. So, we set out to develop a new generation of Omega-3. One that is made directly from the original source of Omega-3, natural marine microalgae. This way, our Omega-3 is able to shorten the food chain in the ocean, allowing us to reduce the world’s dependence on fish and relieve pressure on fish stocks in the sea.

1 kg of our Natural Marine Algal Oil, replaces 60 kg of wild catch fish in a pet food formulation. That's 3,000 anchovies that we don’t need to catch anymore.


To get there took years of intensive research. We searched and studied different microalgae before we discovered the best of the best from our library of  6500 microalgae. A very special strain of an algae called Schizochytrium sp., discovered in the North Pacific. It has the advantage of producing Omega-3 fatty acids in high concentrations. The result is an algal oil exceptionally rich in both EPA & DHA Omega-3, a concentration that exceeds 50%.

Our algal oil is a validated sustainable solution.
We are actively contributing to the realisation of several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by the member states in September 2015. They serve as a guiding framework for our sustainability efforts.
By including our Natural Marine Algal Oil in your pet food, Our SDG contributions become yours. You can help to conserve wild forage fish stocks by reducing the need to overfish the oceans.

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Based on the expanded Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) criteria, which now include land and ocean metrics, Veramaris has been the first to integrate the four new impact categories. The expert reviewed LCA* showed a strongly positive impact on all ocean metrics and a neutral impact on land metrics.


Our sustainability efforts are equally recognised by the Pet Sustainability Coalition, which has accredited Veramaris a Positive Impact Company.

Caitlyn Dudas"The Pet Sustainability Coalition is excited to be working with suppliers like Veramaris that are committed to transforming the pet industry through sustainable ingredients"


Caitlyn Bolton Dudas
Executive Director
Pet Sustainability Coalition

The little drOp made frOm algae

Our Omega-3 comes directly from algae, that we discovered in the Pacific Ocean.

We cultivate and harvest them on land without creating any waste.

And the best part is that we can create as much as our customers need.
This resource is truly unlimited…

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The little drop made from algae

Omega-3 from natural marine algae is sustainable because it helps relieve pressure on finite fish stocks. Also, sourcing Omega-3 directly from algae allows us to address the shortage in Omega-3 supply. Unlike fish, our algae come from an unlimited source. We don’t take them from the ocean. We cultivate and harvest the algae, without any waste.  And we can easily scale up our supply to accommodate demand.

Currently we are able to provide all the EPA & DHA Omega-3 required by the entire pet food industry, independently of the size of fish stocks or fish catch. We are already supplying other categories such as farmed fish and livestock.

The process that makes our Natural Marine Algal Oil:


To make our algal oil, we need sugar and marine microalgae. Our sugars come from renewable beet, wheat and corn. Our algae originate from a special algal strain, Schizochytrium sp., cultivated in our plant located in Nebraska, US. 

During a natural process of fermentation, the algae cells multiply exponentially and convert sugar into Omega-3 fatty acids. 

The oil is separated from the aqueous phase. The remaining water is removed from the oil by centrifugation, without the use of any chemicals. The result is a highly concentrated algal oil with more than 50% EPA & DHA and a liquid co-product.

The liquid co-product, an algal meal extract, is currently used as a rich source of nutrients for cows. This guarantees our process is entirely waste-free.

After the oil is extracted, we purify it for improved taste, ensuring optimal palatability for pets.

A drOp that we are prOud Of

Our little drop didn’t come into the world overnight.

To create a superior Omega-3, took a bit of time. More than 30 years to be exact.

A journey that started in space with NASA …

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A drop that we are proud of

The journey of our Marine Algal Oil began in the 1980s, when NASA asked scientists to solve the challenge of growing food in space, where sustainability is a matter of survival. They discovered the richness of a tiny micro-organism at the heart of the marine food chain, algae.

Since then, 35 years of intensive R&D efforts have taught us almost everything there is to know about algae. It has made us, Veramaris®, the leading company in algae technology. Based on our proprietary technology, we have developed nutritionally rich algae that we cultivate in a safe and controlled environment. This is how we created our unique, Omega-3 rich algal oil.

Leveraging a resource that was provided by the ocean, in order to conserve ocean life, is an inspiring journey.
With 20 people, located in different parts of the world and supported by experts from our parent companies, we are a small company. That doesn’t stop us having a big mission. We believe we can contribute to the growth of nutritious food within planetary boundaries. That is why we collaborate and listen to the needs of all stakeholders along the value chain. Together with them, together with you, we want to set new standards and support our partners in becoming leaders in sustainable food production. 

A great drOp fOr pet fOOd cOmpanies

Our Omega-3 has a great many benefits for pet food companies.

It is full of EPA & DHA, 100% natural, free from ocean-borne contaminants and you can count on it always being exactly the same.

And most important of all: pets like it! 

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A great drop for pet food companies

Our Natural Marine Algal Oil is made from a special algal strain called Schizochytrium sp. These algae are naturally rich in EPA & DHA Omega-3. This is why our algal oil is the only one that has both EPA & DHA, delivered in very high concentrations, more than 50%. This is the highest natural concentration of both EPA & DHA available on the market today and double the amount found in most fish oils. And it doesn’t vary from batch to batch. 

Our algal oil is sourced from natural (non-GMO) marine algae. Cultivated in a water tank, the only ingredient the algae need as a source of energy to grow, is sugar.

Our microalgae are cultivated in a 100% controlled and protected environment. They are cultured in closed tanks and further refined in a food grade facility. As a result, our algal oil has a perfectly stable quality. And it is free from the ocean-borne contaminants related to fish oils.

We invested $200m to build a state of the art facility in Blair, Nebraska, that opened in July 2019. To guarantee secure supply, besides the scalability of this plant, we have two alternative facilities at different locations.

Our algal oil is tasty and sensory tests show pets like it. Its palatability was measured by Summit Ridge Farms, a U.S. family-owned companion animal nutrition science service that has conducted dog and cat sensory tests for over 35 years. By using commercially available foods, they showed that dry dog and cat food, coated with Veramaris® Pets, tastes better than the same food coated with high quality fish oil, commonly used by the pet food industry. 

The feel-gOOd little drOp

This little drop is getting a great reception from pet owners.

It makes them feel good about how it can improve their pet’s health and at the same time helps the planet, just a little bit...

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The feel-good little drop

Pets are family. That is how most people with pets look at them. As true ‘pet parents’, they want their dogs and cats to have a long and healthy life. As a result they have become much more conscious about what they are feeding their pet. And of the role pet food has in preventing health problems. Premium pet food solutions, high quality ingredients and dietary supplements are all important growth drivers in the pet food market.

In research, the addition of Omega-3 in pet food is seen as new and relevant by consumers and they appreciate the health benefits.

And sustainable Omega-3? 
Consumers love the idea of playing their part and knowing what they are feeding their pet will help the ocean.


Consumer quotes (source Veramaris qualitative consumer research UK, March 2020).

Consumer quote 1

Jessica, UK
Owner of OZ, a cat

Consumer quote 2

Hannah, UK
Owner of Teddy, a mini Schnautzer

Consumer quote 3

Emily, UK
Owner of Jack, a Burmese cat


The healthy little drOp

Just a drop a day. That’s all pets need. But it’s an essential drop if you look a little closer.

From their earliest days to their golden years, Omega-3 is contributing to a lifetime of pet health.

That’s a lot of goodness in a just a little drop...

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The healthy little drop

With more than 37,000 published academic papers, EPA & DHA Omega-3 are some of the most researched micronutrients in the world.

EPA produces signalling molecules called eicosanoids, which play numerous physiological roles and modulates cellular inflammation. DHA is an important structural component and essential for a functional nervous system. Both EPA and DHA perform distinct yet complimentary roles in promoting the overall health of dogs and cats. In fact, they affect so many aspects of animal's health that all pets, in every life stage, will benefit from the addition of this essential nutrient in their diet.